Do you want to play golf and do you have a disability? The Moulin Foundation helps you on your way. Always discuss this with your doctor or physiotherapist before you start playing golf. It is important to know whether your body is physically capable and able to play golf.

Challenge & Value

It is a challenge for anyone with a disability to organize your days, based on the energy you have. But how nice would it be if you could practice golf and get a positive feeling and positive energy from it. By playing golf you are wonderful in the open air, in the sun. that alone gives you a boost. You get back among the people and you have another reason to get out of bed. Golf is one of the few sports that you can play with an able-bodied player. Play golf with your business associates, friends, parents or even your kids. You both have a playing handicap, but if you have a limitation, you have an extra handicap. That is precisely what gives the sport of golf a challenge. Physically, but also mentally. Challenge yourself and play golf!

Call to Action!

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On this page you will find the golf courses where you can go with your disability. Click on the golf course logo and you will be redirected to the golf club page. Are you from a golf course or golf club and you want to be an all round golf course/club, please register with us. We'll make sure you're listed here. This is how we make golfing with a disability in the Netherlands bigger together! Connecting is multiplying!

Below you will find the courses where you can play golf with a disability!


Noord Holland


"It's not about the result, it's about doing it"

For golfers with disabilities, various competitions are organized at home and abroad. The competitions are organized in the Netherlands by the NGF, BMVG and by the golf associations themselves. All competitions in the Netherlands can be found on or via sites of the aforementioned organizations. Abroad, the golf competitions are organized by the EDGA. The logos below will take you to the pages where you can find all matches.

The organizations